My family album ...

This is the story of my life as I remember it. This page will grow as time goes on, and, as I find appropriate pictures to illustrate my family.

My name is Stella Santos Pacheco Leite.
I was born in São Miguel, Açores, Portugal.
My parents are João Pacheco Leite e Laurentina Santos.
I have two sisters, Iolanda, the oldest, and Mary Alice, the youngest.

High School
Senior Portrait
The Santos/Leite story

Now some family history ....

These are my paternal greatgrandparents:
(from left) my grandmother Deolinda, her father and mother,
and her sister, Rosa.

My maternal grandparents and children:
standing from left to right:
John, Mary, Bill
seated from left to right:
Jorge, Claudio, Alice, and my mother,Laura

My maternal grandparents: 
Francisco  and Mariana Carreiro dos Santos

From left to right:
Uncle George, Aunt Alice, my mother's mother (Mariana), my mother's father 
(Francisco Carreiro dos Santos), my mother, and uncle Claudio.

My mother (center) and her two sisters, 
Alice (left) and Mary (right)

First family portrait

My parents:
João Pacheco Leite and Laurentina Santos

Now, a few of my favorite pictures ...

2 years old
4 years old
2nd grade 
10 years old

My beautiful young mother
My mother and her niece, Natalie (Mary's daughter)

My father's sister - Antonieta

These are my uncle Frank, my mother's brother, and his wife, aunt Donatila. They had two daughters, Dolores, and Olga.

Uncle Claudio and his wife Tina

This picture was taken in São Miguel, 
before leaving to the United States  in 1956.
Me, Mary Alice and Iolanda

Now ... a  few pictures from our first days in the United States. 
These pictures used to be in color ...but most faded. 
So they were changed into black and white.

Albert, Olga, ...

Pictures taken at Governor Street.

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