1970 - 1974

Moving to Lenox Avenue was a great improvement.
It came as I graduated from Providence College. 
This apartment house belonged to your grandparents. We lived on the second floor.
It was a spacious apartment, in a better part of the city. 
While living at Eudora Street, during my senior year, we bought a brand new car - a beautiful Ford LTD.
I loved this car, and it certainly made our lives much easier. 
No more buses to go to school or to go to work. 
Shortly after moving there our second treasure arrived ... our Lisa was born.
We felt so lucky with our two daughters and life was good.
I was lucky, because I got a teaching job at Lincoln High School, before graduating.
In March of 1970, we went to an Alumni Weekend at Providence College. 
We met a former classmate of uncle Fred, Mr. Lemuel Crooks, 
who also graduated from PC, and this person happened to work at Lincoln High School. 
He was an English teacher, and also the English Department Head. 
He liked me and insisted that I go visit Lincoln. I did go and met Mrs. Kennedy, 
the Foreign Language Department Head. 
Weeks went by and I didn't give it much thought.
One evening, while working at Rhode Island Hospital, 
I got a phone call from Mrs. Kennedy asking me if I would like to substitute 
for a language teacher who had left for Reserve training for the rest of the school year. 
Making a long story short, they contacted Providence College,
who agreed to let me go (late April),
I was excused from my final exams by all my professors because I had a 4.0 
 going into my final exams... and I started teaching,
with a written contract stating that I would be hired if they were satisfied with my work.
I taught four Spanish classes and one senior English class, 
all this before receiving my teaching degree, which happened a month later. 
During these years that we lived at Lenox Avenue, Providence, 
mom took care of all of us and continued working assembling earrings at home.
I would pick them up and deliver them to the shop.
I enjoyed working at Lincoln High School. 
At first I taught German and French. 
One year after getting my BA in French
I started my Master's Program at Rhode Island College. 
On November 17th, 1973, our third treasure, Richard, was born. 
We were so happy to have a boy in the family so ... now our family was now complete! 
Now we only desired to get our own house, ... and it happened in April of 1974.


PC graduation - May 1970

Lisa's Christening Day

Godparents: Auntie Mary and Teófilo
               Holy Rosary Church  Fox Point - Providence

Our second treasure ... Lisa!
Born May 17, 1970

Summer 1970 - our first car - Ford LTD

New Years Eve 1972

Christopher, Kim, Michelle, Lisa, and Daniel

Good memories ... Summer of 1972

Taken during a visit from Eduarda Valério.

Avô Antero with  Richard  ... 3 months old. (1973)

Avô Antero with Michelle and Lisa 
His first visit to the USA (1973)

A AA great trip with my parents to New York.
At Rockefeller Center ... on a very warm Summer day, having sangria.
Later, my father and Stella went down 5th Avenue 
dancing and singing.


New Hampshire

Avô Antero's first visit to the USA was in 1973. 
During that visit we traveled a lot. 
On Scanpages 8 & 9 there are several more pictures
of these places we visited.


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