Moving into our own appartment was a very crucial point in our lives. We still could not afford to buy a car. 
Mom no longer worked at Amica Insurance Company. We decided that she would stay home to raise our child. 
I started working at night at Rhode Island Hospital. I worked in the housekeeping department from 5:30 to 11 PM
 while still carrying a full load at Providence College. To go to school I still had to take 2 buses each way. 
To go to work at night, I used to walk because the hospital was near our house. In the meantime, we found out 
that next to our house there was a small jewelry shop.Mom worked there for a few hours, when I was home 
...but it was hard. The owners liked her so much that they proposed that she assemble the earrings at home.
That was a godsend, because she was home to take care of you Michelle,and she was still able to earn some
money. And she was fast! This helped us a lot during those three years. As for me, ... school, study, work at night,
... school, study, etc... But yet, once again, all I remember are happy memories. We were so proud of what both of
us had already accomplished alone ... and we were happy.  Always surrounded by family and good friends, 
these three years were full of moments to be cherished. One of the true highlights during this period was uncle Luis' visits. He came by twice. At that time he lived in Macau. It was nice to have my brother with us. And, of course,
we had the sunshine of our lives, our little girl. You were a good baby ... and the center of our universe.

One of the true pleasures of my life

The young housewife at work!
First Christmas with our princess Michelle
Michelle's room
At Santa's Village in New Hampshire
One of the many trips we took together
At a motel in New Hampshire,
the proud "avó" washing her grandchild. 

Eating lobster in Maine:
avô, Albert, Debbie, and Stella

A nice evening at our house with 
some really good friends

 1st Birthday

And so...this was our home for the
first three years of our married lives.


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