The following page contains a few more pictures of the
 Allure of the Seas, as well as,
the list of the shows we saw during our cruise

This is the Amber Theater where we saw these three great shows.

Click on this link to view a sample of the MAMMA MIA show on YouTube.
(2h 30min. show)    
(6 minute YouTube sample - however, if you enjoy this musical, after the first clip ends, a commercial comes on, then, another segment continues, etc)

Click on this link to view a sample of the BLUE  PLANET on YouTube.
(30 minutes show)    
(18 minutes sample on YouTube)

Jeff Tracta
Click on the link above to view a 5 minute sample of the show we saw. (1 hour show)
This is his internet page and it shows a sample of the exact show we enjoyed at the Amber Theater.

He was a great entertainer: comedian, imitator and singer.

(35 minutes)
Click on the above link to see the complete show on YouTube.


These were the only pictures I took of any show.
 For all shows, flashphotography and video are stricly prohibited.
However, as you can see on YouTube ... some people always do it, so ... why not use them?

(30 minutes show)
Click on the above link to see a 7 minute clip of the show on YouTube.

View an excellent video made by about the entire ship.
(20 minutes)

If interested you can also view a 55 minute video made by Royal Caribbean about the Allure of the Seas.
 Very complete, from its construction to the finished product, with lots of information about the ship.
It shows and explains the entire sections of the ship, how it all works, what's behind the scenes which we never see, as well as,
all that interests anyone who enjoys cruising: the various cabins, all food venues, entertainment, good and silly activities, etc.
 Worth watching.


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