This trip was not as pleasant as the previous ones.
It is very difficult to see your parents age, 
especially when they are not in good health.
Seeing my mother like that, 
suffering and stuck to a wheelchair was hard to accept.
But at least I had the opportunity to be with her, 
and enjoy the moment, though difficult at times. 
Kissing and hugging her, as well as, 
being kissed by her, 
as she never failed to do all her life, 
those are the moments that my heart chooses to remember!

A happy moment with two ladies
who were very important in my mother's life. 

In front of the Belem Tower...
surrounded by Lisbon's beautiful blue sky,
and enjoying my brother Renato's company.

During this short visit we had the pleasure of Teófilo's company, who, after years of convincing him to visit Lisbon, finally decided to go.

While visiting CIAL, we ran into Dr. Coimbra, Renato friend and partner. 
This is another sad picture because a few months later he passed away.

Visiting CIAL, and impressed by what my brother has achieved throughout the years.
It's somewhat ironical that we are both in the business of teaching languages: 
me, in a public school in the USA, and he in Portugal,
in the private sector, where he founded his language schools.
Too bad we didn't have a chance to work together!
We would have made a good team!

Taken in my father's office - the bookeeping business that he founded. 

This was a very special day for my father. It was his first visit to his office since his accident. 
He was very moved being back in his office, which was a very important part of his life.

After I left, Teófilo remained for a few days in Lisbon, and he was excellent company to my parents. During this time he also went on an excursion to the north of Portugal,
giving him a good chance to know a bit more of Portugal.

This is the last picture with the three of us.

Taken just before leaving to the airport... the last picture taken with my mother. 
A nice lunch followed by a very painful moment - saying goodbye to my mother, 
not knowing that it would be the last time I would see her.
She passed away 10 months later, but she will live forever in our hearts.

Taken at the airport, ...ready to come home, 
leaving once again with very serious mixed feelings.

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