SUMMER OF  1994 

Ponta Delgada  -  S.Miguel

This week turned out to be a fantastic experience for various reasons.
First, it was my return to S. Miguel after 36 years, together with my parents, brothers, nephews, niece, and endless list of cousins! 
Then, it was the wedding of my cousin Paulo Jorge, and what a wedding it was! From the beautiful couple, to what you can call a "beautiful family", 
this was indeed a moment to cherish.
It turned out to be the making of sweet memories 
which will last forever in my heart.

First gathering of the Borges family - Furnas 
Summer of 1994

Caldeiras das Furnas
Sete Cidades
Flowers everywhere

Shortly after we arrived. That's my brother Renato,
his wife Biota, and their two sons, Gonçalo and Miguel.

In front of the Hotel Atlantico. 
My brother Luis, my "compadre" Teófilo, my mother and my brother Renato.

A great family dinner in Lagoa, where most of my family lives.

At the reception - Paulo Jorge and Claudia. 
What a beautiful couple!

In front of the house where my grandmother's brother used to live.
(Padre Evaristo Carreiro Gouveia - the plaque can be seen on the wall)

What a view! 
This is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.
Lagoa do Fogo.

Stella, and I in Vila Franca at a cousin's house.

Some of my cousins at Furnas during a special day -
the first gathering of the Borges family.

Last picture taken with my parents and their sons.

Goodbye dinner at Jorge Amaral's house.

This was a great family evening full of laughter telling stories recalling fun stories from our past.
But it was also time to say goodbye.
Time for me, Stella, and my brother Luis to return to the USA. 
Time for my parents, my brother Renato and his family to return to Lisbon, where they live.

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