Fantastic three weeks!
This was the first time that I felt that my children could truly appreciate Portugal.
Having my son-in-law, Michael, with us, made it even more special. 
We felt very proud to show him, as well as our own children, our native country, our roots. Everyone had a great time! 
Not only did we enjoy being with our family,
we also had the opportunity to show our kids Portugal from North to South. 
We went as far north as Guimarães, seeing also,  Porto, Coimbra, Fátima, etc. 
Then we went south, through Evora to Algarve where we spent one week. 
We could see how proud my parents and my brother Renato and family
were to see how everyone enjoyed this stay. 
After 2 weeks the "young ones" returned home to the USA. 
Stella and I stayed for an extra week, to be a bit longer with my parents.
Great memories !


In front of the "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos" in Belém

Évora - what a charming city to visit.

A great family dinner in Algarve
Same dinner, ... from the opposite side of the table!

The Baileys ...enjoying sunny Algarve.

Breakfast time, ...still in Algarve

The young ones !

That's my Lili!

The studs!

A nice dinner at "Menina Conceição's house" 
(1st floor neighbors)

Dinner at a restaurant in Pampulha

One of my favorite pictures -
two of the most important women in my life.

With my best friend in Portugal  - Helder Lemos

Taken at "avô's" office

My parents with their first born grandchild and ... 
their first married grandchildren.

What a shot! 
The Sousa grandchildren, from the oldest to the youngest!

A nice shot with the view of the 
"Avenida Infante Santo"

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